Customer Guide

  1. 1Make a reservation.
    *Download app or get access to an homepage.
    • STEP1
      Make a reservation

      Choose the time and spot to check your baggage and have it back.

    • STEP2
      Check your baggage

      Check your baggage in a place you reserved.

    • STEP3
      Have it back

      Have it back in a place you reserved.

  2. 2Hours of Use
    Division Operating time the spot to check your baggage and have it back
    Airport AM 7:00 ~ PM 10:00 travel agency booth No.34 in N-row on 3rd floor of T1
    travel agency booth in H-row on 3rd floor of T2
    HOME (HOTEL) AM 8:00 ~ PM 10:00 The place a customer designated.
  3. 3Service Areas
    1. Zone 1
      • Seoul metro areas
      • Parts of Gyeonggi-do: Goyang-si, Gimpo-si, Bucheon-si, Ansan-si, Siheung-si, Anyang-si, Gwangmyeong-si, Gunpo-si, Gwacheon-si
      • Incheon Metro Area (except for Ongjin-gun and Ganghwa-gun)
    2. Zone 2
      • Gyeonggi-do (the whole areas of Gyeonggi-do except for Zone 1)
      • Gwangha-gun, Incheon
    3. Zone 3
      • the whole country (except for Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi-do)

    * Insular and mountainous areas are excluded for our service.

  4. 4Available airports
    • Incheon International Airport
    • Gimpo International Airport

      (Coming soon)

    • Jeju International Airport

      (Coming soon)

    • Gimhae International Airport

      (Coming soon)

  5. 5Service Fees
    Division Reserved Delivery
    Standard Additional fees Nonstandard Additional fees
    Zone 1 15,000 WON 10,000 WON 25,000 WON 17,000 WON
    Zone 2 20,000 WON 13,000 WON 30,000 WON 20,000 WON
    Zone 3 30,000 WON 20,000 WON 50,000 WON 34,000 WON
    Overnight Delivery
    Standard Additional fees Nonstandard Additional fees
    20,000 WON 13,000 WON 30,000 WON 20,000 WON
    25,000 WON 17,000 WON 35,000 WON 24,000 WON
    No Service
  6. 6Coupon Guide
    • 1,000WON
      Join Coupon

      When you sign up automatically available immediately coupon will be issued.

    • 2,000WON
      Referrer Coupon

      If you sign up for TRIPEASY through a referrer, enter the referrer's mobile number to receive a coupon.

    • 3,000WON
      Thank You Coupon

      It will be issued after the service is completed.

    • - The types of coupons are divided into two types: subscription coupons, thank you coupons, recommendation coupons, and event coupons. Coupons issued can only be used in TripEasy mobile apps.
    • - You can check the details of the coupon issued in the mobile app 'My Page-Coupon Box' menu.
    • - Coupons can be used in duplicate except for some coupons issued for the purpose of the event. (However, partner discounts and coupons cannot be used together.)
    • - There is no restriction on the period of use that can be used for issued coupons.
    • - The member shall have the right to use the coupon only in the member's own service, and in no case shall it be sold or transferred to others.
    • - Issued coupons cannot be returned and reused.
    • - Coupon cannot be cashed.
    • - Coupons used will not be reissued and not reissued when canceled or refunded.
    • - Issued coupons cannot be used in excess of the trip payment general payment amount.