Coupon Guide

TRIPEASY Coupons are app only and issued coupons
can be found in the mobile app 'My Page-Coupon Box'.

  • 1,000WON
    Join Coupon

    When you sign up automatically available immediately coupon will be issued.

  • 2,000WON
    Referrer Coupon

    If you sign up for TRIPEASY through a referrer, enter the referrer's mobile number to receive a coupon.

  • 3,000WON
    Thank You Coupon

    It will be issued after the service is completed.


Simple and Easy Reservation of TRIPEASY

  • STEP 01

    Make a reservation on a homepage
    until 18:00 before using our service.

  • STEP 02

    Check your baggage
    in an airport or hotel on the date you want.

  • STEP 03

    Have your baggage back
    in an airport or hotel on the date you want.

Make a reservation

Do not worry about your baggage.

TRIPEASY is a baggage delivery service that
delivers your baggages from an airport to your HOME (HOTEL) or from your HOME (HOTEL) to an airport.

  • 해외출장 출강갈때, 더편하게 트립이지! 미팅 끝나고 가는 출장까지 짐은 트립이지에 맡기고 편하게 이동하세요!
  • 주말여행 주말여행 갈 때, 더 빠르게 트립이지! 짧은 주말을 이용해 떠나는 여행! 회사에 들고가자니 눈치보이는 캐리어 트립이지가 먼저 옮겨드릴게요!
  • 골프투어 골프투어도, 더 즐겁게 트립이지! 골프, 스킨스쿠버, 서핑, 스키 즐거운만큼 무거운 취미 용품들 트립이지가 안전하게 배송해드릴게요!
  • 퇴근여행 퇴근 후 여행, 더 가볍게 트립이지! 사람 많고, 정신없는 출근시간 지옥철에 크고 무거운 캐리어와 함께 타는 건 이제 그만!